How It Works

Step 1: Container Selection

Shred-A-Way will install secure paper shredding container(s) in designated areas. We will work with you and change containers as necessary to meet your needs. There are no rental fees.

Step 2: Scheduled Service

We will collect your confidential materials from the secure containers on a regular scheduled basis and complete the destruction process on the premises. We welcome you to witness the document destruction process. Rest assured that your information is always secure and protected.

Step 3: The Process

The documents are destroyed using a state-of-the art shredding truck, leaving confetti-sized pieces. The shredded materials are then recycled for the betterment of our environment.

Step 4: Certification

Shred-A-Way will provide you with a certificate of destruction and invoice at the conclusion of the destruction.
Shred-A-Way also offers pick-up service for off-site destruction.